There is another way...

No sooner did I start living on my own that I went to buy a pack of Winner rolling tobacco. That, to me, at that time, symbolized true freedom! At the age of eighteenth I was barely aware of what it means to have a healthy body. All my life I struggled with chronic stuffiness in my brain, which were often severe. I had asthma as a child. But that was then. The remedy in our home was Fenegan (a medicine that barely dilates the bronchi but makes one all the more dazed) and a cup of warm milk. Much later I discovered that milk causes slimy mucus, which actually makes it counter productive. But that's how it was in those days. It was meant with good intent. As a student in the big city of Amsterdam, I finally went to a doctor. He prescribed me an inhaler. A complete new world opened up to me. And while I kept on smoking, the medicine at least helped me to with some air in my lungs.


There is another way

But as it turned out, there were some alternatives. I started to look around. Juice diets that would last a week, as wel as foot reflex zone therapy’s. I started to learn doing this myself and then treat the feet of others. That is how I am - sharing with others that which excites me. It was all a long chain of "aha experiences", new passions and beliefs. Much of them were transient by nature, but I integrated a number of them into my lifestyle. Eating healthy food and  drinking water became a common thread in my life. Daily supplementation became a must, because I know that we do not get all the necessary nutrients. More background knowledge and experience enabled me to make other choices and taught me to be more consistent, while at the same time be more kind to both my body and my mind.


My life’s quest to find what works for me finally took me home to doTERRA's essential oils in September 2014. What a wealth, and what multitude of possibilities! The oils smell wonderful, and touching the body daily is so good! Gradually my body recovers from all kinds of discomfort (ridding me of minor and major complaints), and it has such a positive mental effect. I am all the happier with the oil!


Essential oils from doTERRA

To me, the core of doTERRA's essential oils is about quality and safety! Watch the video below and, perhaps, you, too, will recognize that as well. I have decided for myself that I will keep on discovering the oils, and learn how to use them. I wish for everyone that same decision! This is self-care in optima forma. You yourself are responsible; you, yourself, choose; you decide on discovering what works for you and what does not. I love the possibilities that doTERRA offers to utilize that personal independence.



  • If you need advice or personal guidance, I am there for you
  • If you want to try out the essential oils in your family and you don't know how, let me help you get started
  • If you want to grow as part of a team and want to learn from the expertise and experiences of others, then all sorts of possibilities are open to you; we will take you on board
  • As of the summer of 2020 you can schedule an Aromatouch massage with me; see the video about Aromatouch under the button.


JINCARE is derived from the name JINCASE and as such from the "just in case"

JINCARE is "just in care" meaning you take charge of caring for yourself at the right time...


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